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It is far more than an ordinary bulkhead luminaire. It is an intelligent LED luminaire with the shortest assembly time available on the market.

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Discover the four most important common advantages

Very quick assembly

For the sake of the working comfort and significant savings for the assembly team, Lena Lighting designers have developed an innovative assembly process, which allows the luminaire to be mounted more quickly than other competitive products available on the market.

Intelligent solutions

One luminaire provides many possibilities of application. Extending the basic version of CAPELLA LED transforms the product, creating a unique design that can control lighting with the following functions: DALI, RCR, RCF or PIR motion sensors, the “Master Slave” function and the corridor function. Certain versions are also equipped with an emergency module, anti-theft protection or higher IP65 tightness.

The IoT ready

CAPELLA LED luminaire can also include a Bluetooth speaker, or serve as a Wi-Fi amplifier. Integration with other systems, e.g. a smart home or office, equipped with appropriate controllers, allows for temperature, pressure or humidity measurement, making further operation dependent on the measured values. Add your idea!

Versatility of use

Inspired by technological progress, we are not slowing down and we are constantly working on reaching higher and higher to meet our customers’ requirements. We want to fulfil our passions and use our ambitions and experience to produce increasingly modern luminaires. An excellent proof of that is the CAPELLA LED family, which offers almost limitless possibilities when it comes to the latest solutions used not only in lighting.

More than lighting

The lighting of smart homes, offices and industrial facilities must be compatible with the latest control systems. Bearing in mind the present and future requirements faced by lighting solutions, we have created a luminaire that can make use of the most sophisticated functions. Voice control, adjusting colour to the human circadian cycle, creating light scenes, camera function, wireless communication with other luminaires, measurement of humidity, temperature and pressure in rooms and many other possibilities – this is what the new family of CAPELLA LED luminaires can offer.
Bożydar Milewski
Luminaire designer, R&D Lena Lighting

Choose your Capella

Wide range of luminaires combines high aesthetics with great lighting parameters. The body is made of ABS and the opal diffuser is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate (PC). A multitude of variants allows to customise luminaires for many non-standard applications.

Capella LED

A basic bulkhead luminaire with a subtle design. It will earn the recognition of people who value minimalism and classics. For Lena Lighting designers, inspired by working on this luminaire, one version of the product was not enough. They improve the luminaire every day and upgrade it with new unique functionalities.

Capella LED PLUS

The winning luminaire. With even more extensive functionalities, design, anti-vandal protection and a number of the highest quality electronic components inside. Everyone can equip the lamp at their own discretion to adjust it to their needs.

Capella LED IoT

A unique IoT ready luminaire adapted for integration with additional controllers from external suppliers. It can be fitted with, among others, a motion sensor, a dusk sensor with Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as a Bluetooth-based built-in motion sensor. The luminaire is perfect for use in spaces where you can take full advantage of its possibilities.

Capella LED PLUS Z

A unique, suspended luminaire characterised by extraordinary design appreciated by architects and interior designers. It is a very good choice even for the most demanding and representative investments. CAPELLA LED PLUS Z can incorporate many non-standard applications, which makes this luminaire an excellent choice for people who wish to be up-to-date with technology and like to set new trends.

Overview of available luminaire versions

Capella LED PLUS – suspended version – side view

Capella - en

Measurable savings for the installer

Percentage indicating how much faster the mounting of Capella can be64%


We start the assembly of the Capella LED luminaire by drilling holes in the ceiling, in which we insert wall plugs. The next step is to lead the power cable through the cable gland and then secure the luminaire base with fastening screws.


The second step involves connecting the power cable to the luminaire body. With a special connector this is done quickly and without any tools. We finish the assembly by fitting the body with the base of the Capella LED luminaire.

Corridor function

Smart lighting = saving electricity

Selected accomplished projects and visualisations

Intelligent IoT ready luminaires

CAPELLA LED designers have foreseen the use of solutions that are at the design stage and are not yet available on the market.
The design allows integration with controllers from various suppliers and adaptation to future technological solutions.

Creating light scenes

Due to compatibility with controllers of such companies as Hytronic or Casambi, Capella LED luminaires can be combined into groups, create light scenes, combine scenes into animations or program luminous flux and colour temperature. Once programmed, the luminaires remember the setting.

Various measuring functions

Integration with other systems, e.g. a smart home or office, equipped with appropriate controllers, allows for temperature, pressure or humidity measurement, making further operation dependent on the measured values.

Voice control / microphone function

With additional controllers, you can turn Capella Led on and off, dim or brighten the luminaire and change its colour temperature with your voice. This function requires wireless Internet access.

Tunable White

Capella LED with the Tunable White function allows you to optimise the colour of light in terms of its adaptation to the natural circadian human cycle, simulating natural light. Tunable White also allows the luminaire to adapt to current needs and activities, regardless of the time of day.

Wireless camera

Capella Led can be equipped with a wireless camera. It can, for example, record spaces with an increased risk of damage, such as staircases or building entrances, or serve to protect property against theft. Connected to the Wi-Fi, it transmits data for archiving or direct control by a security guard.

Savings due to communication between applications

Lighting control applications can provide feedback such as lighting time, power consumption, etc. This information supports the process of optimising lighting settings in given rooms.

Wireless communication between luminaires

Luminaires communicate with each other wirelessly – through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. There is no need to program each luminaire separately to change its settings. One luminaire in the smartphone’s range is enough. Using it, the application communicates with the remaining luminaires and introduces changes as indicated by the user.

Luminaire control from the smartphone application

Control and programming of the above-mentioned functionalities can be carried out
manually or remotely via the smartphone application (iOS, Android) or the Internet.

The described functions may be available as part of compatible external controllers installed in the luminaire. Ask about other available options: Bluetooth speaker, Wi-Fi amplifier function and many more.

What makes us different and competitive?

30 years of experience

We know everything about luminaires and lighting systems: we examine their possibilities and design, test and manufacture them. We combine practice with modernity. The company has been listed on the WSE main market in Poland since 2005.

Polish production

We strive for continuous development, which is why we are one of the best manufacturers of luminaires in the country. We take advantage of our experts’ knowledge, as well as the state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Lighting design

We make visualisations and free lighting designs using specialised computer software. We also make calculations of profitability and energy efficiency of lighting. Trust the professionals.

Ideas to expand Capella’s functionality
Watts of saved energy

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